Message from the President of the Association

Dear Employees and former employees shareholders,

After 10 years of involvement, we at Pierre Fabre are now nearly 7,500 people representing 7% of the company’s capital. This result is one of the finest French successes in terms of employee share ownership, and meet undoubtedly Monsieur Pierre Fabre’s expectations, our founding President.

Like all major company members of the FAS (Federation of shareholders and former employees) the time has come to go further and complete our plan by creating an independent association which would be able to provide a regular link between all shareholders located in France or overseas.

Beyond the annual subscription our goal will be to keep you informed of Ruscus, of our Company and of all the news in terms of employee ownership (tax, legal).

For this purpose we have created a web site where everyone could have access to privileged information and share it.

This is a tremendous opportunity that is offered to us and we rely on your support and membership to successfully reach this new milestone.

Christophe LATOUCHE